IPC 2021

Virtual Conference January 23 & 30

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We’d like to thank all the incredible speakers, sponsors, attendees, and staff for making IPC 2021 an incredible event. We look forward to seeing you at the next conference!

Pivot Your Career & Adapt to the New Job Market

The pandemic has left a lasting impact on many of our professional lives. Learn how to successfully navigate these changes so you can thrive in your career!

300+ Delegates

93% of 2019 delegates say they learned new information, ideas, skills

Industry Experts

Plan for success and discover how to transfer your skills for any opportunity

Employer Panel

Get the latest insights into the current job market from experts on the Employer Panel

“It’s the perfect event for me. Thank you MOSAIC for your passion and for continuing to change lives!”IPC Delegate
The ability to adapt increases your value in the market
What will you gain by attending this conference?
2021 Keynote Speaker

Change is inevitable and how we react to change signals our ability to manage, transform, and excel in today’s job market. Adaptability provides many benefits to your career, such as:

  • A wider pool of opportunities
  • Being better equipped to face challenges
  • Increases your value in the workplace and to an employer
  • Better leadership qualities
  • Smoother career changes
  • Ability to bounce back from setbacks fasters
  • Higher happiness and satisfaction in life
  • A panel of employers speaking about changes to the labour market and what employers are focusing on in their hiring practices and workplaces
  • How to utilize your existing skills to achieve your career goals
  • Ways to set yourself apart in a competitive job market
  • Planning for success in uncertain and turbulent times
  • Professional development
  • Interactive workshop on networking online and essential skills required to effectively pivot your career and market yourself
  • Opportunities to network with other professionals and employers in the industry
  • Information about services and resources to help with your career development

Nothabo Ncube “Dr.Thabo” is an Inspirational TEDx Speaker, A Coach to Women and A Millennial Mentor to Young-Girls. Having overcome her own personal and professional obstacles, her powerful story encourages this generation to face their challenges and conquer them.

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