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Ella Laure Hipolito

Employer Panelist - Boyden

Named BC Business’ Top 30 under 30 for her leadership in equitable recruitment, Ella Laure Hipolito is a Senior Associate with Boyden executive search.  An international search firm with 65 offices in 40 countries, Boyden has been ranked in the top 10 globally by Forbes for many years.

Supporting executives, boards, and search committees in securing exceptional leadership, Ella brings deep and current knowledge in hiring and recruiting nationally.  She sits on Boyden’s National DEII Committee and is involved with the Vancouver office’s Antiracism and EDI Working Group. Hipolito has worked on more than 50 searches to help place leaders in education, the public sector, nonprofits, health authorities, and more.

Born to immigrant parents that migrated to Vancouver from the Philippines via France, Ella understands the sacrifice and experiences that many immigrants face as newcomers to Canada. She has been outspoken about her endless gratitude to her parents and family members for their resilience, unwavering hope, and unconditional love that have allowed her to live the life she lives today. They have taught her to embrace change, overcome challenges, and know that no matter what their struggles, there is always room to lend a helping hand and build up the community around you.