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Manpreet Atwal

Presenter of Breakout Session 1 - Government Jobs

Manpreet Atwal works as a Recruitment Marketing Strategist at BC Public Service.

I have been a part of the BC Public Service for 12 years, starting my journey as an Employment Assistance Worker with the Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction in 2011. This role allowed me to provide front-line service to the citizens of BC in assessing their eligibility for Income Assistance.  I was able to educate myself on BC legislation as well as manage confidential information and communicate decisions verbally and in writing. I went on to manage front-line staff as an Assistant Supervisor and then became a Virtual Intake Supervisor, where I was able to make a difference in the work I knew how to complete, champion engagement, and be a part of change management. Ultimately, I was able to use my experience and transfer my skills to the Public Service Agency, where I assist hiring managers in marketing for hard-to-recruit positions due to the nature of the work or location. I am also able to connect with many communities and people with the outreach work that I do and promote the benefits of working for BC Public Service while sharing my own journey of endless opportunities.