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Michael Yue

Presenter: Immigrant Career Journeys - Dialogue Between Two Educators about Change and Resilience

Michael Yue is Director of Partnership Development at Vancouver Community College.

He first came to Canada from Hong Kong as an international student. Life opportunities led to him to becoming a permanent resident, and later a Canadian citizen. Canada is his home, but he also considers Hong Kong as his other home due to deep ties, not unlike many immigrants. In his career journey, Michael has experienced ups and downs but he always enjoyed the process of overcoming challenges – regardless of the outcomes. In his current work, Michael is delighted to collaborate with his immediate team, colleagues in the VCC community, and peers in the wider community to offer high-quality educational opportunities to learners, many of them being new immigrants. At his spare time, Michael plays soccer till he is too tired, reads several books at the same time because he is too curious, and enjoys the trails with his wife and Eddie, a lovely Formosan Mountain Dog from Taiwan. Michael has a B.A. from University of Toronto and an M.Ed. from UBC.