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Nick Noorani

Breakout Session Presenter - Networking To Get Working

Born in Mumbai, India, Nick came with a world of international experience in the advertising industry, but he faced many challenges in his new Canadian home, and he noticed that many other immigrants were also struggling. He has dedicated his life to improving immigrant outcomes, thereby benefiting both immigrants and his adopted country.

Some of his projects:

  • Founder Canadian Immigrant Magazine & Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Awards
  • Bestselling author Arrival Survival Canada
  • Founder CEO – President Prepare for Canada
  • In 2013, Nick authored Welcome to Canada – The Government of Canada official
  • Publication given to every newcomer to Canada.
  • Nick was also appointed by ESDC as Chair for a Panel on Immigrant Employment Challenges.

After the lockdown in early 2020, Nick started working with many newcomers who had lost their jobs helping rework their resumes, cover letters and conducting mock interviews. The desire to create peer to peer networking relationships online made him seek a solution that would use the latest technology to help immigrants connect and network with each other through weekly video chats.

Immigrant Networks was born out of this. Immigrant Networks uses proprietary software to match newcomers based on their profession and sets them up for weekly video chats.