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Pam Khinda

Presenter: Immigrant Career Journeys - Dialogue Between Two Educators about Change and Resilience

Pam Khinda is a Manager at Vancouver Community College in the Partnership Development Office.

She is a Certified Career Development Practitioner with an extensive background in supporting diverse clients (including professional immigrants) reach their career goals. In her role as a Manager, she develops, implements and manages innovative and accessible partnership-based workforce development projects aimed to prepare underserved and underrepresented members of the community for sustainable career opportunities. What keeps Pam excited and invigorated every day are her passion for service and instructional excellence, enthusiasm for finding solutions to addressing emerging needs collaboratively, and desire to help others grow and flourish! Pam has a Bachelor of Education from India and Masters in Education from SFU. She enjoys biking, hiking, reading investigative thrillers and gardening!