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Employer Panel

We are pleased to be joined by RBC, SFU, TELUS, and IKEA for our 2021 Employer Panel. Representatives of these top Canadian companies and institutions will share their experiences on how they have dealt with and navigated the changes in the job market. Join us to learn about the lasting effects the pandemic has had on current HR practices. Discover how workplaces will change in the future and what you need to know to ensure your career success. Gain valuable professional advice to thrive in this new normal.

Over the course of Lisa’s career, she has continued to assume roles of increased responsibility with exposure to Branch Leadership, Small Business, BC Regional Office and Financial Planning. In her role as Community Manager, Lisa currently oversees a dynamic team of 50 branch staff and partners supporting the Strathcona Market.


“This past year has challenged us to support both our clients and our employees differently. Building connections and creating meaningful impressions takes on a new dynamic in the adjusted state we’re currently operating in. Despite this, I have continued to pipeline, interview, hire and promote talent. I look forward to sharing the recruitment and hiring experiences I’ve collected over my nearly 20 years of successful leadership with the IPC 2021 participants.”

Sama Ghnaim is the Associate Director for Career and Professional Programs, part of SFU Lifelong Learning, managing the Business Management, Risk Management and Business Analysis portfolios since 2018. She comes from an education background with over 6 years of experience in instructional design and curriculum development.


In her role as an Associate Director, Sama works closely with instructors to ensure that the programs deliver a high level of academic quality to help students transfer skills into the workplace. Part of her role as an associate director is coaching, mentorship and development of new programming. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

Brangwen has worked with TELUS for the last 17 years and is their Manager of Marketing (Home Solutions Marketing). She currently leads a team of high-performing professionals focused on community-level marketing across British Columbia. A large part of her role and passion is hiring, coaching and developing TELUS staff.


“The landscape of our business has changed amidst this global pandemic and we have had to adapt and change how we do a variety of things, including adjusting our approach towards finding and hiring the right talent. I am excited to share my experience with the IPC 2021 delegates!”


Amanjit moved to Canada 8 years ago from India, her career journey spans retail, insurance and biotech industries.


Joining the IKEA Richmond team in the midst of the pandemic, Amanjit has striven to support IKEA’s leadership team and co-workers navigate change, adjust and develop in a new working environment.


She strives to empower through IKEA’s unique culture and values, delivering a great co-worker and customer experience by keeping people at the heart of the business.

Employer Breakout Session

Meet with each of the employer panelist and these amazing professionals as they engage directly with you in small group discussions about the current job market and how you can succeed in your career journey.

In her role as Senior Vice President of Operations, Synthia maximizes operational efficiency to drive the continued success and growth of brokerage operations across Canada. Synthia is the co-lead for Colliers’ Diversity & Inclusion Program, developing engagement, compliance and training programs to promote equality and accelerate success for all professionals.


Over the course of her career, she has successfully delivered more than 20 enterprise projects in technology, business transformation, compliance and team capability. Synthia is an active member of CIO Canada, and CREW, and is a Career Mentor with MOSAIC, helping new immigrant professionals successfully move their careers to the Canadian workplace.

Shruti is a HR professional with 18 years of experience across 3 continents – India, Kuwait & Canada. She specializes in Total Rewards and is currently working on leading strategic compensation initiatives at BCIT.


Her career journey has been quite colourful with many layers of cultural conditioning through diverse countries, workplaces and sectors. Her passion is to create a positive social impact by giving back to the community by volunteering her time and energy for varied social causes.


“In my personal experience, moving countries, cities, and jobs, gears us to not only adapt to the new culture but also requires us to pivot our thinking process, mindset and how to assimilate successfully. This Pandemic has been daunting and has tested our personal resilience as well as psychological stamina, but it has also matured us as human beings, enhancing our endurance, tolerance and above all, compassion.”

January 23, 2021

Labour Market Lessons for 2021: Crafting a rewarding career path in the middle of the pandemic

COVID-19 has disrupted the entire labour market, hurting some industries while nurturing others. To deal with the pandemic, employers have radically implemented automation and changed how work is done in the hope of remaining strong. Gain an understanding of what industries have thrived in the past year to outline occupations and career paths that will grow in the coming year. You will be given the information and data necessary to understand which occupations have the best outlook to develop a rewarding, lasting career in the Canadian job market.

For over twenty years, Christian Saint Cyr has established himself as a leading labour market expert. As publisher of the BC Labour Market Report and the Ontario Labour Market Report, Christian advises thousands of career professionals throughout both provinces and across the country and regularly works with representatives of business, education and government.


He’s delivered hundreds of workshops for more than 10,000 individuals on topics which include labour market information, employment standards, unconventional job search, yearly overviews of the labour market and workshops which have looked specifically at trends in the construction, technology, tourism and health care sectors.

Networking with Curiosity, an Interactive Session

Looking to take your networking to the next level? This session explores the topic of “curiosity” — a simple word with extraordinary potential to help you build meaningful, lasting relationships. Learn about the role of curiosity in building professional connections and get hands-on experience putting “Networking with Curiosity” into practice through an engaging and interactive guided activity.

Mark is the Coordinator of Vancouver Public Library’s Skilled Immigrant InfoCentre, a free online and in-person resource hub that helps newcomers to Canada explore careers, find a job or start a business.


As a librarian, Mark loves to discover and share information with others. He’s passionate about building vibrant community relationships and connecting newcomers with resources and supports that can put them on the path to meaningful employment in Canada.

January 30, 2021

Reinventing and Repositioning – Taking Charge of your Career in the New Normal

The effects of COVID19 has taken an enormous toll on the job market. However, the most affected groups have been young graduates, women and new immigrants. These job losses highlight the skills that will be prioritized across various industries. This workshop will discuss the top fundamental skills that people will need to thrive in the future. It provides resources to strengthen your skillset and leverage your transferable skills to pivot in your career.

Adobea Foli is an entrepreneurial-minded leader with over ten years of experience in Project Management, Data Analysis, Business Development and Corporate Strategy. Adobea has reinvented and repositioned her career in the USA, Ghana and Canada, and across various industries. She is a firm believer in building strong and meaningful relationships to grow and develop in your career or business.


She is currently a Program Manager at Lululemon in Vancouver. In December 2019, Adobea launched StartGrowPivot, an online platform to provide new immigrant professionals to Canada career and Startup advice through 1-on-1 coaching, digital content, events and networking. Adobea invites you to join the SGP newsletter community and connect on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.


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