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Keynote Speaker

Alden E. Habacon

Alden E. Habacon is one of Canada’s leading diversity and inclusion strategists and facilitators. He is well known in this field and highly regarded for his fourteen years of impact, and his innovative work around inclusive leadership, unconscious bias and intercultural training for both employers and newcomers.


He will share invaluable insight for newcomers, having worked with wide range of industries and sectors throughout Canada and globally, including the legal community, social services, the public sector, municipalities, first responders, and private corporations.


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Fully realizing the career potential of internationally trained professionals remains one of Canada’s biggest challenges. As the Canadian workforce ages and shrinks, the demand for highly skilled immigrants continues to increase across all sectors; however, stories abound of the struggles and frustration faced by immigrant professionals in re-establishing their careers in Canada.


The under-utilization of human capital is partly a policy issue, but compounded by newcomers’ lacking of the cultural literacy or “soft skills” to successfully navigate local Canadian workplaces. Beginning with a general overview of the connection between Canada’s multicultural aspirations and local labour market needs, this keynote exposes both employers’ rigidity towards foreign credentials and newcomers’ need for understanding and adapting to Canadian workplace expectations. It will also provide newcomers with strategies to maximizing their career potential, fostering mental health and growing multigenerational resilience.

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Diversity and inclusion aren’t the objective. They are the means to achieving strategic goals, lofty aspirations and competitive excellence.Alden E. Habacon



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