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Rishabh Mehta

Employer Panelist - Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)

Rishabh is an Assistant Branch Manager for the RBC Newcomer Specialist Team. He started his career in banking around 8 years ago in India, where he worked at their largest bank in different roles in personal and commercial banking. He landed in Canada in September 2021, and banking being his obvious choice of career, joined RBC as Banking Advisor in Vancouver.

Being a Newcomer to Canada himself, he takes pride in leading the RBC North Fraser’s Newcomer Specialist Team. His team, along with two others in Lower Mainland, helps Newcomers to Canada in their settlement journey. The team hosts advice events and workshops catered specifically for newcomer needs- covering topics like How to find a Job in Canada, Banking System in Canada, Home Buying process in Canada and so forth.

As a part of his team, Rishabh actively engages with the community and is always exploring opportunities to collaborate with community partners like MOSAIC to introduce Newcomers seeking advice and help.